• LAS help to protect groundwater resources, making it, safe and environmentally friendly. LAB, DATS and isoLAS, the other component found in commercial LAS, have been shown tobiodegrade rapidly and completely. Biodegradation is a natural process whereby a substance is broken down or converted to simpler compounds. This process is camed out by microscopic organisms, such as bacteria and can accur even in oxygen-free environments.

    Extence studies conducted in the US, Europe and Asia demonstrated that LAS concentrations in rivers, streams and sediments are well below levels thatís would negatively impact the environment. These trace levels of LAS continue to biodegrade completely within a short time. Future research conducted on river sediment samples. Taken near activated sludge treatment plants, show only low levels of LAS present, and laboratory tests confirm that the levels detected do not impact sediment-dwelling species.

    It is also worth nothing that commercial LAS, with all its components, biodegrades even in anaerobic (oxygen free) and anoxic (Oxygent limited) environment; a fact that has been show in various field studies.

    During biodegradation LAS is completely broken down or mineralized into the following basic components:
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    • Water (H20)
    • Sulfate Salts (Na2SO4)

    These materials are harmless to the environment and pose no risk to humans, animals or any other living organisms.