• During the early 60ís the detergent industry was looking for alternative products to replace DDBS Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate and ABS Branched Alkybenzene Sulfonate in detergent products. The main objectives were that any replacement would be biodegradable and couse no foam in streams or rivers. Considerable research and investments efforts were made on behalf of the detergent industry long before environmental concerns became a public priority. The world surfactant & detergent industry finaly answered these demands by introducing LAS.

    Continued improvements in the quality and production processes of LAB/LAS has been achieved and today LAS is, besides doap the most widely applied base product for detergents. Until today research, performed by top scientists and universities continues and has provided clear proof of LASís environmental acceptablelity and safety.

    Due to proven environmental safety, cleaning effectiveness and cost competitiveness, LAS has experienced 30 years of ever-increasing use around the world.